Fund Raising

SATRA is a registered non-profit society incorporated since 1987.  To raise money for our activities we hold an Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission  (AGLC) license.


Q:What type of fund raising activities do we do?

Our AGLC license allows us to raise funds through gaming activities.

Q:When does our casino activity happen?

The casino generally rolls our way every three years.

Q:What are the volunteer requirements?

Our volunteer requirements for the casino is over two consecutive days with two eight hour shifts per day.  This allows members that live further away to participate.  Out-of-town volunteers are reimbursed for accommodation, meals, and mileage.

Our members have been great at stepping up to what’s been required of us as an association. However, more members that are willing to volunteer is always helpful.

Q:How can I help out as a volunteer?

If you are interested in participating in these activities you can reach us through the Contact Us  page.