Club Policies

What are the general guidelines for participating with this club?

Are we allowed to bring dogs on a club-sanctioned ride?

The interaction between horses and dogs can be unpredictable, particularly if the dogs and horses don’t know each other.  Most horses tolerate dogs, and most dogs know how to behave around horses.

Unfortunately, the reverse can also be true.  Some horses will kick dogs, and some dogs will run out at horses putting riders at risk.

For the safety of dogs, horses, and riders, dogs are not allowed on sanctioned trail rides.

Are we allowed to have dogs around the camp?

Most dog owners are great with their dogs.  They have spent time training their dogs to behave, or they put their dogs on a leash…            others, not so much.  We reserve the right to have dog owners put their dogs on a leash for the duration of the event if necessary.

Some recreational areas require dogs to be on a leash.  Please ensure that you are aware of and obey all regulations regarding dogs in a particular area.

How do I qualify to be subsidized when participating in clinics and seminars?

A subsidized participant must have paid membership for two years immediately prior to any clinic or seminar attended (in addition to the current year).  A member that does not meet these prerequisites may still participate in the event but would be required to pay the same fee as the general public.

Are stallions allowed on sanctioned rides?

Stallions are not allowed on sanctioned rides.

Do I need to be a member to attend a trail ride?

All ride participants are expected to be active members.  A non-member can participate in one event to see if there is interest in what we do.  In other words, if a scheduled ride is over a weekend you would be welcome for the entire weekend, not just one day’s ride.  After your experimental ride you are required to become a member to participate further.

A waiver must be signed before the ride, and a medical information card completed and carried on your person during the ride (this material can be found in the Links & Docs section).

Note that this once-in-a-lifetime option is to allow a rider to experience what we do, not a free ride once-per-riding-season.

Is alcohol allowed on trail rides?

Each member has their own inclination for adult beverages around the camp.  However, alcohol is not allowed during the sanctioned trail rides.

What is the proper etiquette for riding through private property?

Some of our sanctioned rides may pass through private property.  All rides that involve private property will either be led by the land owner, or we will have permission before the ride is approved and posted to the website.

The owners of these lands are kind enough to allow us the privilege of riding these areas.  PLEASE respect this – it is not a right to be there.  Stay on the trails and parking areas and do not leave garbage behind.  Respect the livestock and ride slowly while near them.  Most private landowners do not want fires or fire pits on their property, so restrict use to non-private lands.

It only takes a few irresponsible individuals to wreck it for the rest of us, so please act respectfully.