Fund Use

How are qualifying organisations allowed to use gaming funds?

Who governs how gaming funds are used by qualifying organizations?

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) is the Government of Alberta agency that is responsible for administering the Gaming and Liquor Act,  Regulation and related policies.   In other words, they directly authorize how registered licence holders are allowed to use funds that are received from gaming activities.

How are we allowed to use gaming funds?

We are only allowed to use the funds as authorized by AGLC through its use of proceeds requirements.

As a non-profit group we applied to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission  (AGLC) for a licence to participate in gaming activities in Alberta.  The gaming proceeds are then shared with all participating charities for purposes beneficial to the community.  These proceeds must be used by the participating charities under the rules and guidelines agreed upon under the AGLC licensing.  This is accomplished by submitting a Proposed Use of Proceeds which is a list of how the proceeds will be spent.  AGLC then issues a list of approved uses of proceeds.

The uses of proceeds that were approved at the time of the licensing application stage do not have to be approved each time.  These are such things as expenses in support of ongoing programs.  For other expenses not listed in the Approved List of Proceeds a request to amend the use of gaming proceeds must be submitted and approved prior to the disbursement of any funds.

What do we use the funds for?

These proceeds are used to:

  • cover expenses incurred to provide trail rides (camping fees, safety equipment purchases, portable toilet rental where possible, etc.)
  • subsidize education and learning programs with facility rentals, equipment, clinician fees, education aids and promotional materials
  • arena rentals during the winter months
  • make contributions to other related stakeholder charities
  • provide contributions to the general community through donations
Can we apply to use these funds for other purposes?

Yes, we can apply to AGLC to use gaming proceeds for clinics and other events.  We welcome any ideas you may have for the use of these proceeds.  However, they must meet the AGLC’s criteria for the use of proceeds and an amendment to the use of proceeds may be required before the funds can be used.  This application and approval process can take 3 months.

I still don’t understand what we’re allowed to use this money for.

This is a complex issue, and a number of our board members have participated in seminars and training from AGLC to better understand what we’re allowed to do.  Please contact club board members with any further questions or concerns about this matter.

I would like to attend an AGLC information session.

AGLC provides free information sessions about how to use gaming proceeds.  The more members that understand these requirements the better, so let us know if you would like to participate and we can help you get registered for a session.

They also have an extensive online resource.  Check out Gaming Information for Charitable Groups  (GAIN)

Where can I find more information about the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, the Gaming and Liquor Act and its Regulation?

The following links will take you to the relevant Alberta government resources about this department: