Forms & Guidelines

Downloadable forms & information documents.

The following downloads provide forms and guidelines for the functioning of our group.  The guidelines have a wealth of information about how to participate and to safely enjoy the backcountry.

We have developed an emergency medical wallet card to provide emergency responders with the information they need to provide immediate and relevant medical care.  It’s excellent to have with you at all times, not just on our trail rides.


Trail Riding Dos & Dont’s

Being Prepared – Survival in the Backcountry

guidelines for camping & trail gear

guidelines for trail & camping etiquette

equine emergency first aid kit

how to highline your horse

It’s a great benefit when more individuals get involved in helping out with our trail-riding events.  A trail ride needs a host and a trail leader (boss).  These two positions don’t have to be done by the same person.

guidelines for trail ride host & trail boss


membership form – you must also print and complete the relevant waiver form below

liability waiver form – 18 years or older

liability waiver form – less than 18 years old

Covid waiver form

blank ride sheet

blank clinic ride sheet

promotional brochure

member expense form

equine incident report

Emergency medical wallet card:

The emergency medical wallet card is invaluable to the medical community in the event you become incapacitated.  It provides them with a list of your medications, allergies and next of kin to provide you with timely care.  It has been designed with consultation of emergency room staff.

This information is personal and sensitive, so it’s not meant to be shared with others.  Please complete this card and keep it on your person during trail rides.  No one will see it until the information becomes necessary (hopefully never).  Some members keep this card in their purse or wallet at all times, so the information is available in any type of emergency, not just trail riding.

Contact a board member for copies.  Additionally, it is designed for Avery 88220 business card blanks if you would like to print your own.  When printing, ensure that the PDF print dialogue is set for “Actual size” so that it prints correctly on the cards.

emergency medical card – front

emergency medical card – back