Attending a Ride

What can I expect during a trail ride?

Can I try a ride before becoming a member?

Yes, you can participate in one event to see if what we do interests you.  In other words, if a scheduled ride is over a weekend you would be welcome for the entire weekend, not just one day’s ride.  After your experimental ride you are required to become a member to participate further.  Seems reasonable?

A waiver must be signed before the ride, and a medical information card completed and carried on your person during the ride (this material can be found in the Links & Docs section).

Note that this once-in-a-lifetime option is to allow a rider to experience what we do, not a free ride once-per-riding-season.

How many rides are on a weekend event?

Because we gather the previous evening we’re ready to get a good start on the main ride.  On the last day of the event,

we break camp to head home, so a ride that morning tends to be a half day.

So for example, on a normal two-day weekend, we would haul to the ride site after work on Friday, have a day-long ride on Saturday, and then a half-day ride on Sunday so we have time to pack up and head home Sunday aft.

On a long weekend, the members will haul to the ride site Friday evening after work, have a day-long ride on both Saturday and Sunday, and a half-day ride on the Monday.

How will I be notified if a ride is cancelled?

For most events, some riders show up that didn’t notify the ride host, and that is fine. Don’t not come just because you missed the notification cutoff. However, if there are changes, or the ride is cancelled, then obviously the trail host will notify those that said they were coming.

If there is enough lead time, changes will be posted on the Trail Ride page and by email. Last-minute changes will be done by phone.

What is the ride sheet?

The ride sheet is an important source of information about a particular ride that you may be interested in. Some of the information found will be:

  • date
  • location with instructions on how to get there
  • what the nature of the terrain is
  • the ride rating (easy, moderate, hard)
  • whether horseshoes or boots are recommended
  • any details of that particular ride
  • The ride sheets are available from the Rides and Events page.
When do I need to contact the host?

Notifying the ride host is important. If gives the host an idea of how many folks are coming so that proper arrangements can be made for the site.

The standard we use is that interested riders notify the host by 8:00 pm the Tuesday leading up to the event. This gives enough time to adjust arrangements if needed.

The host’s contact information will be found on the ride sheet.

When do the rides start?

The weekend rides normally head out at 9:00 – 10:00 am. But this really does depend on changing circumstances and may vary at the discretion of the host and trail boss. Confirm with them about any changing situations.

You need to be saddled and ready to go for the time that has been provided.

When do we normally first meet?

This depends on the nature of the trail ride. For a single-day ride, we meet at the staging area to get ready to ride the same day. However, most rides are held over a weekend, and so generally members gather the previous Friday evening.

The ride sheet will have more information about this for individual rides.

Ride Policy

  • No dogs on a ride. They must be on a leash and stay at camp.
  • No Stallions
  • All youth must be accompanied by an adult responsible for their behavior and well being.